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All-Pro SportsBasket
Grab their attention by giving an All-Pro Basket! The All-Pro Basket includes what promises to be the beginning of a wonderful collection of sports cards and memorabilia.

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The true story about how we came to be…

Looking for the truly unique gift for the sports fan who has everything?  They’ve got their favorite hat, and mug, and that t-shirt with the holes in it that has survived every playoff game since the ’73 World Series.  So what’s left to give?

We had the same dilemma in 2002, when Dad’s birthday came around.  He already had the gear—the clothes, the accessories.  And there were tons of sports gift baskets on the market, but they were all filled with novelty items, like little chocolate baseballs and Nerf footballs.  Where were we to turn?

As it often does, the answer lay in the wisdom of a child.  Our youngest son said,

“Dad always talks about those cards that Grandma threw out when he was a kid—what about some new cards of the guys he watches on TV now?”

And with that SportsBasketsUSA was born!

Today, we strive to bring you only the most valuable sports collectibles, from McFarlane SportsPicks Figures to 8”x10” glossy photos of your favorite sports stars in action.  Each SportsBasket includes rare memorabilia, worthy of being tucked away for future generations, but exciting enough to showcase on your shelves.  It’s the perfect gift for the sports fan and collector of all ages!

So order a SportsBasket today for someone you care about or for yourself—we promise to use the same care, attention, and craftsmanship on every basket that was used in the very first one for Dad! Contact us, and we would love to share our ideas with you!

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